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Geraniums: the balcony flowers for excellence

by Eva

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With their bright and abundant blooms they transform balconies, terraces and gardens into fantastic color spots. The Geranium, whose botanical name is precisely Pelargonium, is all known as the ‘flower of the balcony’ for excellence. However, a definition that does not honor this plant because it fails to express its full wealth: from the impressive array of colors, leaves, flowers and types available to reach the extraordinary variety of dimensions and forms of growth at present business.

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A Variety of Varieties Most people identify Geranium with red or white ones, very often exposed on the balconies. In reality, there are many varieties. The Geranium is, in fact, incredibly versatile with its wide range of colors, shapes of leaves and flowers, sizes and different blooms. Not only red, white and pink, but also the most original and contemporary nuances like pink, purple, lilac, peach, orange and yellow. Not to mention the wide range of two-color variants.

Natural Repellent Against Insects Geranium from fragrant leaves can really keep insects away, thanks to the essential oils contained in their leaves. At the slightest breeze or lightest touch, these plants release their perfume, for humans very enjoyable, which serves to keep away mosquitoes, wasps and other annoying insects. The best insect repellents are the Geranium with lemon and orange aromas.

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Stunning blooms even without the green thumb Gerani are the perfect plant for those who can not or do not want to invest too much time in plant care. Almost no other plant is so durable and easy to cure. With minimal effort and little use of time, the Gerani ensure great satisfaction even to those who do not have the green thumb.

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