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Trend: interior decorating with olive trees

by Eva

interior decorating with olive trees

Indoor plants, as part of our decoration, also have their moments of tendency. I do not know the origin of these fashions in the flora. Who decides that geraniums are not carried away? Whatever our friend, Pinterest is clear: Decorating with olive trees is a trend in 2017.

The Olive Garden is a beautiful plant (a tree). Very pretty. Although of Mediterranean origin, it is perfect for all types of environments. Including Nordic, which as far as weather is concerned, is the opposite of the Mediterranean. But the decor is so capricious. Fortunately.

As I am no expert in indoor plants, although for some strange reason I think that the poor are taken care of alone, I have searched for information about the olive trees indoors. That yes, I already know that they are trees although I tend to call plants everything that goes in pot. For simplicity.

And I’ll be honest. I have come across two totally opposite positions. Usually the usual. On the one hand there are those who claim that trees, trees are. And as such they must always be outdoors. To introduce them in the interior of a house is to condemn them to a certain death.

On the other hand, there are also those who maintain that the olive can be cultivated perfectly in pot. And that does not require excessive care:

Water it frequently but moderately, since the olive tree is a tree that does not withstand excess water.

– Cut the branches that grow at the foot of the tree, along the trunk and those that look towards the ground, to give a nice and balanced shape.
Of homegrown I will say that I take for granted that they also need abundant natural light.

So as a last step of this personal and manic process, I leave you with some ideas on how to decorate with olive trees inside. It’s very simple. They are perfect in all spaces and are suitable for all types of pots.

interior decorating with olive trees1

interior decorating with olive trees2

interior decorating with olive trees3

interior decorating with olive trees4

interior decorating with olive trees5

interior decorating with olive trees7

interior decorating with olive trees8

interior decorating with olive trees9

interior decorating with olive trees10

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