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10 DIY Ideas To Do With Skateboards

by Eva

DIY Ideas With Skateboards

Did you stumble upon your old skateboard boards in the attic during your spring cleaning? Whatever the reasons, they have a sentimental value and you do not really see yourself throwing them away without a glance. If you’ve gone to take a look at this article, you already know that skateboard boards can be turned into decorative items. Discover 10 DIY ideas to give them a second life. With a little patience, these projects will walk as on wheels.

DIY Ideas With Skateboards1

DIY Ideas With Skateboards2

DIY Ideas With Skateboards3

DIY Ideas With Skateboards4

DIY Ideas With Skateboards5

DIY Ideas With Skateboards6

DIY Ideas With Skateboards7

DIY Ideas With Skateboards8

DIY Ideas With Skateboards9

DIY Ideas With Skateboards10

Via: desidees.net

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