Home Garden We sow seedlings in January: the first step to create a lush flower bed

We sow seedlings in January: the first step to create a lush flower bed

by Eva

We sow seedlings in January: the first step to create a lush flower bed

Even experienced gardeners often do not realize that the planting season is not opened by vegetable crops, but by flowers. And this happens not in February, but a month or even a half earlier. But how many times some tried to sow flowers simultaneously with peppers or tomatoes, but the efforts were in vain. The plants went to growth, but they bloomed for a very short time, and that is at best. The secret is simple: among annuals belonging to tough ones, and perennials are many of those who can bloom only six months after the emergence of seedlings.

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Flowers that are recommended to be sown on seedlings no later than January quite a lot.


An unpretentious flower, with a huge number of varieties, differing in unique colors and size of inflorescences. With early seeding will bloom in May. Before planting in the ground requires quenching.

Gaillardia Spinous

Blooming by mid-July, it pleases the eye until frost. The flower is a perennial, but many prefer to plant it annually. To get adult bushes that are capable of providing vigorous flowering from year to year, it is important that flowers appear in the first year of life.

Garden carnation

This light-loving beauty is sown in late January-early February right away in separate pots with drained soil. In the ground transplanted with a clod of earth. With such a start, the carnation, which is a perennial, is well accustomed and pleases with lush flowering from the very first year.

Delphinium hybrid

Beautiful perennial with a relatively short lifespan, only 2-3 years. With proper planting blooms in the first year of life. After sprouting, the seedlings swoop and transplant into the ground after the appearance of 3-5 leaves.

Verbena hybrid

A sun-loving annual plant, which tolerates frost and drought. Seeds germinate for a very long time, without the use of a stimulator, shoots appear only on day 20. It is important to bear in mind that seedlings will not tolerate an excess of moisture. It is better to plant seeds in loose soil with a lot of sand.

Lobelia erinus

Cold-resistant, but moisture-loving one-year-old beauty. When sowing seeds, it is enough to scatter them on the surface of loosened and moist soil and, covered with glass or film, leave in the light. Approximately shoots appear by day 10. A month later, the seedlings dive.

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