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Practical ideas to save as much space to a balcony

by Eva

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One of the favorite areas we love to be in summer is the balcony. In such a place we serve the morning coffee before going to work, but because in the vast majority of cases such a space is not so generous, we thought it would be a good idea to inspirate from these 16 practical ideas for balcony design.

Why did I choose exactly such ideas for interior design? Because we have presented many projects for the garden and not being accused of favoring only those who live in the yard, we thought of presenting ideas to those living in a block apartment, namely ideas for the arrangement of balconies, So that they can enjoy an oasis of peace and beauty right at their home.

How to manage a small balcony to create a cozy space – 55 wonderful ideas

In order to enjoy the most beautiful view, our recommendation would be to arrange the balcony with many flowers and the most colorful ones, but the most important and that should not lack in any decor, are the wooden furniture pieces.

Made to measure, folding tables are among the objects that save space and give every place that rustic air well-known by everyone. But also the sliding minibars, minibars that can be mounted on the balcony railing, without agglomerating the place.

So if you’ve decided it’s time to set up the balcony, here are some practical ideas that will help you implement the projects you’ve been thinking for a long time.

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