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Wicker basket: 47 ideas to organize and decorate your home

by Eva

Wicker basket: 47 ideas to organize and decorate your home

The wicker basket is much more than just an ornament: it can be used to keep the environment organized or as a container for plants. It is one of the most versatile items to use in decorating modern spaces.

There is also not only one suitable place to put the wicker basket for decoration. Bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony… all rooms can have at least one small wicker basket in the composition of the space.

To get the most out of the big (or small) wicker basket, we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about this ornament and tips on how to blend it into the environment. Be sure to check out the pictures and then let us know how you used the wicker basket to decorate your home.

Fresh summer decoration with wicker objects

The wicker basket for decoration is a handmade piece of corn husks. As we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is possible to use it for various purposes, such as a picnic basket, organization, and storage of personal items, or a storage container. It is a very versatile and functional piece

In addition, the decorative wicker basket can be made in different sizes and colors, which allows you to include it in different rooms of the house.

Oh, and the decor doesn’t have to be rustic. You can include the decorative wicker basket in modern and minimalist environments, for example, such as Scandinavian decor, or more colorful and creative environments, such as in retro style. You just need to buy the basket in the right colors and sizes to match the style of the environment. There is no mistake.

Still don’t know how to make a beautiful and organized decoration with wicker baskets? Here are some examples – and creative ideas – that you can use as inspiration for your environment.

Wicker basket for plants

If you have a lot of plants at home, it’s worth using wicker baskets as a way to save money on plant stands.

Including, that using the wicker basket for plants is one of the best alternatives for decorating large plants, those that are usually in the corner of the living room or in the entrance, you know?

Also, take the opportunity to buy different sizes of wicker plant baskets to create a more dynamic and beautiful effect in your home decoration.

Wicker bath basket

Prefer to buy a wicker basket for the bathroom that is proportional to its size. Here, the purpose of the basket is to organize the environment, so use it to organize magazines, toilet paper, towels or even to put dirty laundry – the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, you can purchase a compact-size wicker bathroom basket set to decorate the space with charming flowers and ornaments. Use your creativity.

Wicker living room organizer basket

In the living room, our advice is to invest in the wicker organizer basket to keep the environment well organized.

You can place the following items in the organizer wicker basket:

Cushions, Blankets, Magazines and books, Craft items, Ornamental plants and flowers, and Children’s toys.
However, avoid using a large wicker basket in compact environments. Ideally, the basket should be a size commensurate with the decor.

Simple wicker basket in the bedroom

The idea of using the simple wicker basket in the bedroom is to keep the environment organized, so take the opportunity to use it to store books, bedding, or toys – especially in the children’s room, where children love to make a mess.

Buy a simple wicker basket, but which has the colors that stand out the most in the environment to compose a beautiful and charming decoration.

Wicker basket with lid for kitchen

The wicker basket with a lid is perfect for use in the kitchen. You have different sizes so you can store fruits, eggs, and other kitchen items that need to be stored in fresh and airy places.

But not all baskets have to be the lid type. You can buy a small wicker basket to put bread and fruit in when you set up the dining table.

Did you like the tips on how to use the wicker basket in the decoration of the house? Now you can get inspired with organized and charming inspirations.

See more ideas with decorative wicker baskets for inspiration in the images below.












































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