Home DIY Create with cement blocks and wood – 10 stunning ideas to inspire you

Create with cement blocks and wood – 10 stunning ideas to inspire you

by Eva

Spring is at our doorstep. Do you have many ideas for your patio or garden? If you think that you are not getting the money to create something special for your garden such as a swing or an outdoor barbecue, then use cement blocks and wood.

Concrete garden jardinières for beautiful landscapes


These simple materials used in construction are very economical. Another advantage is that they are weather resistant, strong and relatively lightweight.

Below you can see some ideas for crafts with cement blocks and woods that you could do …. with a mini-budget.

diy with cement blocks1 diy with cement blocks2 diy with cement blocks3

diy with cement blocks4 diy with cement blocks5 diy with cement blocks6 diy with cement blocks7 diy with cement blocks8 diy with cement blocks9 diy with cement blocks10

Images via: Pinterest

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[…] our today post, you can see several creative tips with concrete blocks. You may love to be inspired by these ideas and do something similar in a home […]

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