Home Decoration ideas New Mediterranean style: 20 super inspirational ideas to adopt

New Mediterranean style: 20 super inspirational ideas to adopt

by Eva

New Mediterranean style: 20 super inspirational ideas to adopt

Slim curves, whitewashed walls, nature-inspired colors and designer furniture… In 2020, the Mediterranean style discovers itself by mixing the basic elements of traditional architecture and more modern tones. Proof with these island-inspired interiors, modern and authentic at the same time, that make us want to start for other latitudes. From the bedroom to the living room through the kitchen, the style of the New Mediterranean extends the summer to our interiors, with sun and good mood.

Wonderful nautical style decoration for summer inspiration

The beautiful days are over and with them, the desire to expand the summer atmosphere becomes more intense. The good idea is to do our job and distill an atmosphere both relaxed and bright inside. Ideas for the new Mediterranean style that you must have this season. Although it celebrates the traditional Mediterranean architecture (graphic lines, arches and exceptional brightness in the program), it does not forget to match its time with beautiful modern objects: designer furniture, concrete floors, elegant and refined purity. A combination of influences, modern and exotic ση Invitation of ideas for escape.




















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