Home Bedroom Choose a cocooning bed décor and spend a wonderful warm winter

Choose a cocooning bed décor and spend a wonderful warm winter

by Eva

Choose a cocooning bed décor and spend a wonderful warm winter

With the arrival of autumn we begin to dream of a wonderful, relaxing and warm place that will welcome us and will contribute to the restoration of our forces. The bedroom is the room that captivates us during the long winter nights and hosts us to read, watch TV or just relax. But how to organize a beautiful corner with a cocoon bed that we do not want to separate during winter?

The Scandinavian theme becomes very common when the cold comes. Here are the most important features of cocooning room – it is white, it is bright, relaxing. Spaciousness and minimalism are enhanced by the accumulation of shiny objects, pastels of colored fabrics and accessories with gold or silver patina. Fur and coarse blankets complement the clean geometry of the room and balance the atmosphere. The pillows are in mint, turquoise, light pink or light gray. Nothing must be aggressive and you must feel immersed in the soft light of a comfortable and quiet space. The combination of textiles and special colors creates the illusion of a homogeneous space, equipped without effort.

Cocooning bedroom decor – discover the Scandinavian hygge with our 63 inspiring photos

What are the means to decorate a beautiful Scandinavian room with a cocoon bed? First, consider using all available space, but do not overload it. White shelves are almost magical storage components. Magic invisible rays can be won by green plants, photos, paintings with a simple theme, or black outlines, gray and white, because these are the colors that blend well with the pastel shades of the Scandinavian room decoration.

Rely on the principles of minimalism. The headboard is preferred clean with a smooth appearance of wood. Do not forget the floor – the carpets are light but warm, easy to use, soft with authentic materials such as wool, cotton and natural fibers. Berber carpets and geometric carpets are a classic. Overlay is a current decoration principle that helps you integrate colors and textures into your decor. A rocking chair covered with fur and a carpet weaving in soft colors will be the perfect complement to your relaxed and comfortable bed.

And because we do not like many words, we have below for you amazing pictures to get the ideas you need for a cocooning bed décor and spend a wonderful warm winter.







































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