Home Bathroom Attic bathroom ideas – little tips for furnishing and decorating it

Attic bathroom ideas – little tips for furnishing and decorating it

by Eva

Attic bathroom ideas – little tips for furnishing and decorating it

Today, many of us see the hidden potential behind obsolete attic watches. Gone are the days when all unnecessary objects were relegated there because the attic is already far from being the one and only solution for the development of this space. A romantic bedroom, dressing room, office, or even a bathroom – today we do not hesitate to adapt the space in question in a way to create a room in its own right. An added value to your home but above all a very charming cachet however, it is important to know some decoration tips because the space under the slope presents a lot of challenges. Today we are going to go through the main aspects of the layout of an attic bathroom.

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Plumbing, sealing, and floor resistance

As the attic is not a space intended to accommodate a bathroom, there are a few important aspects to consider before fitting out such a room. We, therefore, advise you to seek the help of a professional in the field who will be able to verify the feasibility of the project. Plumbing work and more specific extensions of the existing pipes will undoubtedly be necessary to lead the water to the attic. In addition, special thought must also be reserved for the water drainage system. It is also necessary to ensure that the ground will be able to support the renovation, in particular the weight of all the new installations planned. Sealing is another important aspect in order to avoid possible problems of extreme humidity and mold.

Insulation and ventilation

This same risk of mold growth will be run if we neglect the insulation of the newly fitted bathroom. Nevertheless, good insulation will significantly reduce the amount of your electricity bill during the winter. In addition, efficient ventilation guarantees you an even healthier atmosphere, so this is another factor of capital importance.

The right things to do to create an optimized space

After thinking about all these aspects that we have just listed, you can already ask yourself the question of the appropriate layout. It must be said that arranging an atypical space, such as the bathroom in the attic, is not easy. And yet, this is not always the case because the spacious attic poses much fewer constraints than a space of 4m2 for example. Otherwise, the question most often asked concerns the use and optimization of the space under the slope. Several solutions come to your aid.

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Low storage

Generally, we will avoid overloading the room with furniture that is too heavy and bulky. And yet, one of the most common solutions to optimize the space under the slope consists in installing low furniture. An effective space-saving trick against the lost attic phenomenon.

Attic bathtub

We will not hesitate to install a bathtub under the slope. This is also the perfect location for it, given the fact that we do not need too much height in this case. It will be the perfect resting place where you can spend hours relaxing. And if it is also overlooked by a roof window, you can forget yourself contemplating the spectacle of the starry sky. Very romantic, right?

Shower under combe

The installation of a shower under a slope is an interesting development solution, but there it is necessary to provide for a greater height. Finally, it is important to be able to stand up without being bothered by the slope, at the risk of constantly hitting your head against it. It is in this concern that we will think of installing the shower against the wall where the height of the ceiling is greater. The glazed walk-in shower is very suitable for installing under a slope and will also bring a remarkable design side, as well as an airy appearance.

The decorative side

Minimalism and lightness are the keywords, especially when the space to be fitted out is rather cramped. The suspended furniture is an original idea and too stylish to ventilate the room more. The same will be the effect produced by the use of shades of light colors which are recognized for their property of visually enlarging the space. In the same logic, we will play the transparency card by choosing, for example, a glass wall for your shower and a large mirror. Finally, if your attic is naturally equipped with beautiful exposed beams, do not try to hide it, they will give a lot of character to the space.

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Optimal brightness

Light is another important aspect, the bathroom being an important place of action in the house. Finally, this is where we take care of our look in the morning by preparing our toilet. The roof window is of course the most obvious solution for such a type of room and will bring maximum natural light into a space that tends to darken. However, there will undoubtedly be dark areas that could be illuminated with functional lighting.



























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