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Excellent DIY wall decorations with Macrame

by Eva

Excellent DIY wall decorations with Macrame

Small or large hanging Macrame is one of the most elegant options for wall decorations and especially in spaces designed in Boho and Ethnic style.

With a history of many centuries in interior decoration, Macrame has returned dynamically to modern trends and not unjustifiably, since the aesthetics of knitted yarn is really very special and adds decorative … points in any space, no matter what it is used for.

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In addition, the white-beige shade of the classic Macrame that does not “load” the walls with extra color is very “flexible” and practical since an even larger Macrame piece can be placed in any space regardless of the general shades that dominate its configuration.

The only disadvantage of Macrame wall decorations is that in relation to a frame or other type of object at regular intervals and to maintain its beautiful appearance it will need to be washed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

The point above the sofa is one of the most suitable to place a Macrame wall decoration of relatively large dimensions in width or only in height.

Very high wall wall macrame prefer to place them low and a short distance from the floor, it is the best way to stand out and really uniquely decorate the wall.

The most popular use of Macrame wall hangings is for bedroom decorations and really a Macrame piece over the bed can change the overall aesthetics of the space and function much more beautifully and “calmly” visually than any other object – frame.

A “Macrame type” wall decorations that are easy to make even by someone who has no experience in creating such constructions are wall decorations created from rows of thread that are simply tied vertically to a fixed element eg wood, metal base etc. or adapted in decorative objects eg pieces of wood, mirrors etc.

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To create wall decorations of this form you will just need to tie pieces of double thread with a simple loop around a fixed object eg wood, metal wreath etc.
At the bottom, after the completion of the construction, the thread can be cut into any formation you want, while from the loops can be passed additional thread of another color to create two-color, very impressive, constructions.
Of course, for the construction of constructions of this form, you can also use yarns of many different shades from the beginning.
Particularly impressive are the pieces that, in addition to their exclusively decorative use, may also include elements such as small shelves, or bases for pots.

A great way to highlight wall hanging Macrames is to illuminate them with very small led lights, mounted on their backs.













Images via: pinterest.com/soulouposeto

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