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Antique furniture – farmhouse aged look in green color

by Eva

Antique furniture – farmhouse aged look in green color

Green in aging techniques “looks” just as impressively on furniture of both small and large area and is suitable for painting from a simple wooden chair, a table or a nightstand, to sideboards, closets and general large furniture.

The two-tone on the same furniture in green and brown, which can be done with brown chalk color, bronze patina during the final processing of the furniture or use of its original shade by rubbing the green color in places to distinguish the natural color of the wood, It is also a combination that is extremely elegant, especially for furniture that has a special design, curved corners – surfaces, carvings, etc.

Antique Wood Techniques: 10 wonderful ways to make wooden furniture look old

Two-tone can be created by painting green only one part of the furniture eg only the central surface or only the bottom of a table, buffet, chest of drawers etc.

All color palettes of chalk paint companies have a variety of shades of green, which of course can be mixed together to create your own.

The protection and “locking” of the chalk color, in each of its applications, is done with a wax that all companies have in transparent or dark color. Depending on which of the two you choose, the final shade of the furniture can also be differentiated using, for example, a lighter green tone that you will highlight with dark wax or vice versa.

DIY Painting – Aging techniques for living room coffee tables

















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