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Amazing DIY ideas with stencils painted Furnitures

by Eva

Amazing DIY ideas with stencils painted Furnitures

The design of the Stencil, depending on what suits most the shape of each furniture, and the shades to be used are the most essential elements that determine the final result.
The world’s largest collection of Stencils of all sizes – design, application and furniture, can be found at Royal Design Studio.

Amazing DIY ideas for plaster wall decorations

In addition to paint – chalk or acrylic water – Stencils can be used in combination with molding paste or plaster, to create on the surface of the furniture of relief designs that afterwards paint and resemble wood carvings.
Stencils of very large geometric designs or intended to cover the entire surface of a piece of furniture are often available not in a single piece but in part sets to make the whole process simpler.

Stencils application not selectively on the spot but overall on the surface of a furniture, using one or more colors, can give a truly excellent result and is a popular way to create furniture in ethnic style.

























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