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The easiest way to give an aged Patina look to objects-surfaces with chalk paints

by Eva

The easiest way to give an aged Patina look to objects-surfaces with chalk paints

The faux patina look in the color of rust and the blue-green of the natural oxidation that time creates on metal-iron objects is one of the most impressive aging techniques and the simplest way to achieve it is by using only chalk paints.

It can be applied to any kind of material such as metal, wood, cement, glass, ceramic, and give a really very special look to both small objects and furniture or any type of larger surfaces.

DIY Painting – Aging techniques for living room coffee tables

To create this look at both old and brand new items you will need:
– Metallic chalk paint in a bronze shade
– Chalk color in blue or turquoise color
– A vaporizer bottle (spray)
– Brush, sponge or a soft cloth

In all stores with items – materials for DIY – Crafts, you will find chalk paints in small packages, since the amount you will need to apply this technique on small and medium-sized items is very small.

Start by painting the object with metallic bronze color.

Place a small amount of the blue-green color in the bottle, add a few drops of water and shake.
Spray the object in places letting the paint run in the same or different direction and with a dry brush, a cloth or sponge wipe-apply-erase the paint in places, depending on the color effect you want to achieve.

For a more faint – discreet effect of the blue color, spray a small amount of water on the paint and then wipe it – spread it in places with the sponge.
In general, both the amount of paint and how much you will intervene with the sponge or cloth depends exclusively on the shape of the object and exactly how you want the final look of aging.

How to give an aged finish to your furniture

This general method can be applied with individual variations, for example, if you want a more intense copper shade, you can additionally spray another amount of diluted metallic bronze color on the blue, etc. and this is a technique in which the diluted paint is applied. as a spray creates a more natural aging effect than brushing.

For application on glass surfaces – objects before the metallic paint, apply a common primer that will allow the subsequent better and easier adhesion of the paint, while in any construction, especially if it is a non-decorative object when the colors on the object – surface that processed completely dry can be passed protective transparent varnish that completely waterproofs the result and protects it from damage.


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