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Antique Wood Techniques: 10 wonderful ways to make wooden furniture look old

by Decorator

Many people like to DIY things like a hobby and also have the pleasure for their own creations. A lot of them also wonder how they can do those amazing techniques to make a wooden furniture look old or have an Antique look. Most of the techniques are easy, but some of them need more work. There are many ways to make a wood have the aged look, and depend on the kind of wood you have and if it’s a hard or soft one. We found  some amazing tutorials for you so that you can see these ways and decide what you like and what fits in your DIY skills.

Techniques for Antiquing Furniture (via prettyhandygirl)


Aged Wood Tutorial (via commonplacebeauty)


How To Antique Furniture With Paint And Candles (via movitabeaucoup)


How To Distress Paint With Vaseline (via shanty-2-chic)


How To Make New Wood Look Old (via younghouselove)


How To Get The PB Distressed White Finish (via theyellowcapecod)


How To Paint Furniture With Crackles (via shelterness)


How To Weather New Wood With Vinegar (via sweetpickinsfurniture)


How to Quickly Get the Look of Aged Wood (via fabrehabcreations)


Basic Whitewashing Technique (via centsationalgirl)

Referense: shelterness.com

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April August 9, 2012 - 4:15 am

I just want to note that I didn’t realize that a tiny amount of vaseline goes a long ways: I got too much on my project, and now I have a mess. Too much of the top coat came off, so now I’m trying to figure out how to clean up the mess and start over. On another site, I saw someone using the side of a candle to rub the edges, and that technique might work a lot better for sloppy folks like me.

Angie Newsom October 23, 2012 - 10:57 pm

Awesome tutorials!!!! I especially love the white washed coffee table…now that looks GREAT!!!!!

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