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Wonderful decorations with antique sideboards

by Eva

Wonderful decorations with antique sideboards

Apart from being very functional, the sideboards are also one of the most impressive in appearance furniture and especially the pieces in antique line can be used decoratively in many ways and “stand” just as successfully even in spaces decorated in a completely modern style.

Antique furniture – farmhouse aged look in green color

Apart from the variety of pieces in vintage and retro style that you will find in the furniture market, the most economical way to get a piece of furniture of this aesthetic is the original old pieces available in second-hand shops and stores with old – used furniture, at very good prices.

Depending on the degree of wear and what you prefer aesthetically, such an old piece of furniture can be maintained (sanding, polishing, varnishing, etc.) and retain the natural look of the wood or be painted and artificially aged with chalk paints.

Not only the interventions on the furniture with varnish or paint, the change in the handles etc. but also the objects that you will choose to frame a buffet in vintage style can completely differentiate the image of the place where you will place it.

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A large or more small frames placed low, at the point where the furniture stops, as well as special lampshades, mirrors, large glassware and plants in beautiful pots are some of the most successful “recipes” to decorate furniture of this type. .
Depending on their own style, classic or more modern, the overall aesthetics of the space will be differentiated accordingly.





















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