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DIY ideas to decorate the Christmas table with candles

by Eva

DIY ideas to decorate the Christmas table with candles

The table at Christmas becomes one of the most important elements in the house and, although the house is fully decorated, if we forget to bring the spirit of Christmas there, we will feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, I will present DIY ideas to decorate your Christmas table with candles without spending too much money.

Amazing DIY Christmas candles from branches

If you want to create a beautiful central Christmas decoration, wrap three white candles of different heights with a burlap or sisal coil and cinnamon sticks and glue them with warm silicone on a slice of wood. Then stick three small pine cones in front of them.

Take three white candles of equal size and attach each to a sisal thread and rosemary sprigs. Place the candles on a wooden board.

Buy three glass jars whose neck measures the thickness of a common candle. Then place a candle in each of the jars. Cut a Christmas cardboard card, whether it is a star, a Christmas tree or a heart, and make a hole in each of them. Then slip a little twine through the hole and attach the neck of the bottle.

Find more great inspiration ideas in the pictures below.















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