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DIY Wooden ball lamps from twigs or driftwood

by Eva

DIY Wooden ball lamps from twigs or driftwood

A simple way to create a very special aesthetic wooden lamps for indoor and outdoor, made from short sticks, foam or pieces of dry natural branches.
For their construction, except sticks you will need only silicone gun and a sturdy perfectly round balloon or a thin plastic beach ball.

Easy DIY decorations for home and garden projects from twigs

If you use a balloon inflate it but not completely so that there is no risk of it breaking during construction.
First glue a few pieces of wood directly onto the balloon that you will use as “guides” to the shape the construction should take and continue to cover it using the silicone gum to hold the wood together. Apart from the first sticks, avoid glueing directly on the balloon so that it can be easily removed at the end of the construction.

When completing the construction, make sure that there is not a prominent aperture on the top but enough to pass the cable and screw the lamp on.
When the balloon has formed as symmetrically on all sides of the … ball, allow the glue to fully solidify in all adhesions, loosen the balloon and slowly remove the air to remove it.

The finish of such a ball is particularly impressive as an indoor or outdoor lamp. Use a cable or a rope to make the whole aesthetic much more beautiful than a simple plastic cable.


The more round shape of the ball depends mainly on the length of the wood you will use and the shorter it is, the easier it will be to hug the balloon or ball you will use as a mold.

In addition to hanging fixtures, such constructions can be used as candlesticks or as auxiliary decorative fixtures if you frame them in a series of leds.




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