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50 DIY original decor ideas with Christmas balls

by Eva

50 DIY original decor ideas with Christmas balls

Beautiful Christmas balls in all colors, shapes and materials are essential for Christmas and traditionally belong to the Christmas tree. But they also offer many other amazing ways to decorate Christmas and don’t always have to hang. Round beauties are made for a festive decoration and can not just turn any Christmas tree into a true and special jewel, but can be arranged in different ways in the window or in cups and can be used creatively as a Christmas ornament or door decoration. Here we present you a wide variety of unusual ideas for authentic and elegant Christmas ball decoration, through which you can beautify Christmas and New Year.

57 DIY Christmas decorations that you can easily make yourself

In addition to great inspirations for atmospheric Christmas decorations, you will also find helpful tips on choosing and combining colorful mood creations, as well as some creative and simple ideas with popular tree decor.

3 Tips for Decorating with Christmas Balls:

Always stay true to a color scheme – No matter how much you want to decorate or organize your Christmas balls, they should be combined in color and style so that the result is a harmonious overall picture. Of course this does not mean that you cannot create colorful Christmas decorations.

Surface Composition – The mix of Christmas balls with glossy and matte surfaces also ensures a very special look for the festive Christmas decoration. Bronze or gold tree decorations give the Christmas tree and the whole decoration elegant intentions and artistic effect. Combined with black, the metallic-looking Christmas balls give off a wonderful feel.

Adjusting the dots – Beautiful Christmas ornaments are not only beautiful on the Christmas tree. Decorated in a bowl, in a wreath or under a twig, they can also make glittering decorations.

Christmas Decorating for Small Spaces

















































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