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A Centennial House in Wisconsin

by Decorator

Centennial House in Wisconsin1

The history of this house began several years ago when the family was looking for Meyer house where they could live and do what he likes: the production of maple syrup. As a result of their family residence was the centennial house, located in Wisconsin, USA. In fact, it is not even one house, but three: during the reconstruction of the building were united one roof. During the creation of the project, the designers kept the rural charm of this home, using natural materials such as wood and stone. The decoration and design use warm sand tones with green and yellow accents. The house is located near the lake, so boats, oars and sailing became an integral part of the decor. Blend in with the interior wall with portraits: a lot of them, the frames are different, but the black-and-white color scheme and the correct location of turn a photo into an interesting decor items. The house and all the lights are literally filled with a warm family atmosphere. wonderfully…

Centennial House in Wisconsin2

Centennial House in Wisconsin3

Centennial House in Wisconsin4

Centennial House in Wisconsin5

Centennial House in Wisconsin6

Centennial House in Wisconsin7

Centennial House in Wisconsin8

Centennial House in Wisconsin9

Centennial House in Wisconsin10

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