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A house that concentrates all the charm of Croatia

by Eva

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This beautiful country house is situated in Dalmatia, one of the historical cities of Croatia. Destroyed and sacked in the 1990s during the Balkan War was restored by artist and designer Boris Kajmak.

This is the old house known as Kuća Fotografa, or “photographer’s house” in English. That is the old study of photographer Nikica Karavida. During the war in Croatia housing was virtually destroyed and looted, like many other houses.

Amazing Stone house in a Bohemian Chic style

In the year 2015 began its reconstruction. A process in which it tried to keep as much as possible its essence, its walls of stone, wood and mosaics. Particular attention was paid to finding a balance between the architectural traditions of the area, local materials and elements of contemporary design.

The house is really unique from start to finish, but it is perhaps in the inner courtyard where the looks focus. A meeting place and family reunion.

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Images via: decoracion.facilisimo

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