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A perfect house in village

by Decorator

A perfect house in village1

This is a farm house, surrounded by olive trees. For this reason you will encounter throughout the olive tree as a decorative object. All of the decor in rustic style, after the stone walls dominated by white color combined with olive green for furniture. Moreover, the furniture is all made ​​from raw wood but with vintage influences. A rustic yet refined rustic home, perfect for all seasons.

Strong elements of olive moving indoors from outside and fits perfectly with the rustic decor. The vintage items give the climate of another an older period. The rustic dining room dominated by wood in shades of white and olive green. The whitewashed fireplace gives in space warmth and intimacy. In the same style the home office, with a sophisticated figure space. The bedroom in minimalist aesthetic without departing from the rustic influences.

A romantic touch to your space with white cement staircase that shine gleaming white candles.

A perfect house in village2

A perfect house in village3

A perfect house in village4

A perfect house in village5

A perfect house in village6

A perfect house in village7

A perfect house in village8

A perfect house in village9

Photo Credit: alexanderwaterworthinteriors.com

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