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The best ideas masking sockets and wires

by Eva

The best ideas masking sockets and wires

Imagine your life without the use of electrical appliances is impossible. The presence of modern technology requires the placement of additional power sources. At the same time, tees, extension cords hidden in a secluded corner, and sometimes even sagging wires, do not add aesthetics. Meanwhile, there are many interesting ways to hide stationary power supplies from prying eyes. Ideas are worthy of repetition, mass. There are more than enough disguise methods.

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Complemented with a top panel selected to match the walls, the outlet looks more aesthetically pleasing. When electrical appliances are not used, it becomes invisible.

Another option is a pull-out panel, but with a vertical arrangement of sockets. Places such as an outlet will take even less.

This decision is not without creativity. The hidden wire not only remained in sight but also became an element of decor.

It’s easy to hide the sockets in a drawer. Here you can also allocate space for gadgets and small electrical appliances.














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