Home Decoration ideas Driftwood – 30+ creative and easy DIY ideas to decorate your home

Driftwood – 30+ creative and easy DIY ideas to decorate your home

by Eva

Driftwood – 40 creative and easy DIY ideas to decorate your home

It’s amazing how many great things you can do with driftwood. It has a special image since it is basically an old and discarded wood. The idea of using it to create decorations or accessories and even furniture is quite interesting. This is why we have proposed to show you some of our favorite ideas of decoration with driftwood. Also with the aim of inspiring you and considering this unusual material. However very special and interesting for your next home improvement project.

Driftwood craft ideas: unique pieces created with this amazing material

Many of the things that can be done with driftwood are decorative. Like for example a planter of attractive aspect. You can find all the pieces you need for a project of this kind on the beach or even on the shore of a lake. The supplies needed for the project include short pieces of driftwood, a hot glue gun, and an inflatable beach ball to achieve the rounded shape. You can use a piece of wood with plants and candles as a centerpiece for the dining table. If you want to go a little further you can also hang it on a table. Preferably somewhere in the open air, where it can serve as a decorative light fixture strewn with succulents. If you like the project, this is what you need to make your own wooden candlestick drift: a drill, a shovel drill, candles, small succulents, 2 large hooks, rope and, obviously, Driftwood.

If you want more amazing ideas you can check following images.

Driftwood: 21 DIY inspirations to integrate it into your decoration


Driftwood DIY ideas to decorate your home


































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