Home Bedroom Modern Adult Bedroom Painting ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Key Trends

Modern Adult Bedroom Painting ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Key Trends

by Eva

Modern Adult Bedroom Painting ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Key Trends

Do you wonder what will be the stars’ colors this year? What keys will we need to refresh or soften the mood in our interiors? For what modern adult bedroom painting opt? We reveal all the secrets to sublimate your private area. Here is an overview of the nuances to adopt next years.

Master bedroom designs in absolute white – Modern living ideas

Future trends are predicted to focus on nature, well-being, harmony, tranquility, optimism and In key shades: Benjamin Moore’s metropolitan gray, Behr’s blueprint, Dulux’s amber honey, Tollens’ pallet of pale Immersion. All in all, shades of green, blue, orange and yellow as well as earthy and pastel shades will prevail in 2019. The red and purple accents are also inviting to add a note of warmth and elegance to the decor. Now, let’s look at the highlights of trend shades.

The soft shades of green bring a natural note to the interior. They create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere by filling the space with a feeling of peace and tranquility. To create a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom (and any other room) green is combined with optimistic and warm hues such as mustard yellow, cinnamon, hers (yellow-brown), amber honey, etc. According to experts, one of the greatest strengths of green tones is their versatility. For example, the Dulux spring water shade blends perfectly with neutral shades (for a soothing decor) as well as bright colors (for an energizing decor).

In search of the perfect atmosphere that will ensure our well-being, we come across the earthy and creamy nuances. Excellent allies to create a soothing space, these colors bring a note of warmth that combines ideally with the minimalist decor. To repaint our private paradise, we can opt for soft tones that will establish a relaxing and discreet atmosphere. In addition, the murals and the earthy accents are installed in the decor in the form of cozy accessories: carpets, cushions, decorative objects, etc. Benjamin Moore’s light gray or brushed silver, among others, are shades that add a soothing, dreamy note to the bedroom.

Feminine bedroom ideas for more peace and romance in the room

The yellow and orange colors are a superb solution to invite good humor and optimism into your interior. The bright tones blend beautifully with contrasting shades such as dark blue or gray. To create a modern atmosphere in your private corner, nothing better than playing with oppositions. For example, you can cool the air in the monochrome room in gray by choosing a yellow or orange paint on an accent wall in the room. Honey yellow, spring yellow or candied orange from Dulux will be a perfect choice for this year.

If you’re looking for a more original look, blue hues are an alternative to consider in the months to come. The saturated nuances will establish a feeling of individualism and uniqueness in the space. Plus, they are an ideal option to boost your creativity. In contrast, Behr’s blueprint evokes a consciousness and reimagined life with an emphasis on architectural designs. On the other hand, Tollens pastel shades will bring sweetness and harmony into the bedroom. They are also versatile and possible to combine with each other.

When talking about the private room, the red and purple tones are similar colors that establish a more intimate atmosphere. That’s why, in 2019, we will not forget to honor them. Especially, if it is the embellishment of a female room. To create a timeless decor, nothing can be easier than playing with a nice contrast between saturated shades and pale shades such as fancy color purple and Dulux plum felt paint. The purple accents will create an elegant and sumptuous ambiance. If you like red, the combinations with the shades of the same family always remain an excellent alternative.

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