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25 Great ideas to hide balcony or terrace and have more privacy

by Eva

25 Great ideas to hide balcony or terrace and have more privacy

City life is fun, modern, and full of challenges. Living in the city can have a lot of potentials. Keeping your balcony private and personal is one of the most exciting challenges city life can offer. Apartment living puts us in tight spaces with strangers and friends. It is a great place to build a community and meet your neighbors. But it can also be intrusive, especially on the balcony. Your balcony can be a beautiful extension of your home, but all too often it feels like a large fish tank. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, check out our balcony hiding ideas and change your mind.

Create a flower garden to hide in when you spend time on the balcony. Green plants and potted flowers that are tall enough to hang on the outside of your balcony provide greenery in the summer and help avoid prying eyes from neighbors. Green plants with rich foliage or shrubs pair well with brightly colored flowers and climbing plants. So why not give your balcony a romantic décor and enjoy privacy during the warm weather season?

Different fabrics used as curtains are also often chosen to decorate the terrace and create a little more privacy on the balcony. Hanging a long and light fabric in a bohemian style creates an airy and very boho-chic look. Lightweight cotton materials with plant prints are perfect for creating interesting curtains on your balcony. These curtains are enough to keep your balcony privacy but at the same time transparent enough to receive sunlight and light wind. Combine your curtains with colored lights to turn your balcony into a bohemian paradise. This option is perfect for you if you want to transform your living room into a private room. You can also tie the curtains for days when you want more sunlight on your balcony.

Actually, there are many ways to hide the balcony and make it more private to avoid the gaze of the neighbors. Here are some creative Balcony Hideaway Ideas you can try to spend your time outdoors quietly and know that no one is watching.

























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