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Wonderful ideas to decorate your garden in bohemian style

by Eva

Wonderful ideas to decorate your garden in bohemian style

Bohemian style can be a practical but gorgeous approach to your garden. Imagine a house with a bohemian atmosphere and adore it.

The bohemian style was in the past in the houses of artists, writers, poets, musicians, and painters. Lesne understood because this style is an artistic one, the colors are harmoniously combined, and the feeling transmitted by this style is one of complete relaxation, freedom, but also pleasant comfort.

Bohemian Style Decoration

The word “boem” has been and is associated with people who have never been afraid to be different. When you are different, this does not necessarily mean a bad thing. People who like to stand out, to show their fears without fear, in a pleasant way, definitely love this style and can easily find it in it.

A bohemian garden is a garden of people who have no preconceived ideas, who like to choose their own style and design and have a totally unique personality.

The ideas below are specifically chosen for people who want to stand out in a pleasant way. If you feel like it’s time to redecorate the garden or the dining room on the terrace, I’m convinced that you will fall in love with at least one of these beautiful ideas.

Bohemian style gardens

If you want such a bohemian garden, you need to know that there are no strict rules that you have to follow. Let your imagination fly and make sure that the design you are going to implement is one that conveys the warmth and pleasant comfort, but it takes you to an exotic climate.

How does a bohemian garden look like?
The features specific to any boem design are dark, massive wood, but these colors can be nicely combined with some pastel colors.

Also in bohemian design, there are predominant colors such as brown, brick, but also greyish.

If you have vintage pieces at home or if you are passionate about collecting such pieces, then you must know that they fit perfectly with a bohemian design.

Bohemian style in the bathroom

Bohemian accessories
To make the garden even more exciting, choose accessories such as a brass tray to embellish your space.

You can opt to go to antique fairs. There, you will find plenty of accessories, beautiful products, vintage furniture that fit perfectly with the bohemian style. Let yourself be led by your imagination, but also by the tastes you have to create a bohemian design, a design that suits your personality entirely.

There are some aspects to the bohemian style: the original combination of traditional Moroccan prints makes a perfect place in such a decor, the colors used are dark, but they can be combined with some pastel colors but also lighted, and solid wood and vintage stuff are perfect for such a bohemian decoration.


































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