Home Garden Townhouse Garden Ideas – Take advantage of the small and narrow space to create stunning gardens

Townhouse Garden Ideas – Take advantage of the small and narrow space to create stunning gardens

by Eva

Townhouse Garden Ideas – Take advantage of the small and narrow space to create stunning gardens

Terraced houses are not uncommon, especially in urban environments where there is a lack of space. They bring the advantage of owning your own home with your own garden, albeit in a limited space, or rented are a good alternative to renting an apartment if you also want a garden. But the limited space sometimes makes designing the outdoor area a bit difficult. In addition, these gardens are often elongated, which can make the division even more difficult, after all you want to accommodate a number of things, from a terrace with furniture to a green area to a shed and maybe a small corner for children. We have searched and found a few terraced house garden ideas for you, from which you can be inspired.

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Terraced garden ideas

Examples of successful gardens are of course a great help for planning. So if you want to create a terraced house garden, you can use the following terraced house garden pictures as a suggestion and use them to create your own sketches and experiment with the ideas.

Terraced garden designed in a modern way and with privacy screen

A minimalist design can make the garden area look more spacious and is also a good choice if you want a low-maintenance terraced garden. Add only the bare essentials and add a few elegant touches here and there with modern stepping stones, a few bushes or shrubs or a little tree. Here’s an idea where the seating area was designed across from the house. A small wooden terrace is used for sunbathing and relaxing, while the lawn is the focal point of the terraced garden.

The high privacy screen is also made of wood – an indispensable element in a house like this. By equipping the terraced house garden with a privacy screen, you get the necessary privacy.

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Lushly planted with a patio as the centre

The fact that the terrace is built directly next to the house as an extension of the interior is probably the most common decision. However, you can also choose another way. In the elongated garden, for example, you can choose it as a focal point and lushly plant the areas around it with a variety of plant species. These then serve as a kind of frame to emphasize the cozy seating area even better.

Terraced house with a garden on a slope

Slope gardens are already a real challenge in terms of design and planting. If the narrowness of the terraced house garden is added to this, the whole thing becomes even more difficult. However, instead of despairing, see the whole thing like this: you can also use the height to build small terraces that can serve different purposes. For example, the bottom one can be a narrow pool. Form a terrace with loungers that you combine with plants in raised beds.

Retaining walls also quickly and easily transform into benches and can therefore also be used. You connect all levels with stairs that either run in a line or can be built offset to each other to make them even more interesting.

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Design terraced house garden with pool

A pool in which you can swim to some extent takes up quite a lot of space. Therefore, it should be well planned in gardens of this type. Also, think about what you would give up for him, because the space available may not allow you to include everything you would like. A good alternative to the swimming pool would also be a whirlpool.













































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