Home Decoration ideas 20 Winter Rustic living room ideas with a contemporary aesthetic

20 Winter Rustic living room ideas with a contemporary aesthetic

by Eva

20 Winter Rustic living room ideas with a contemporary aesthetic

Suggestions and decorative combinations to shape your winter living room in a rustic warm style.

Rustic belongs to the most popular styles for interior decoration and is a style perfectly suited for creating a warm winter atmosphere, especially in areas where we spend several hours such as the living room.

Depending on whether it is a house by the sea, in the mountains, or in the city, the “intensity” of the Rustic elements can be differentiated and the specific style can arise not only with the use of entirely wooden furniture, raw wood objects, traditional carpets, etc., as it happens in the original farmhouse style but also with a combination of only some such elements with simple classical line furniture or slightly more modern aesthetic elements.

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Of course, in places where wood and stone have been used in their interior architecture, for example, houses with wooden ceilings or beams on the roof, wooden floors, internal stone linings, sloping roofs, etc., the specific decorative style stands out more and its adoption becomes easier even with the addition of only matching “warm” textile elements.

The existence of a fireplace, the visible external natural environment, floors or coverings with ceramic tiles, and antique and aged-looking furniture are also elements particularly suitable for the Rustic style, as well as any kind of object made of natural materials such as small pieces of furniture made of raw wood, objects from mat or reed and of course the many and warm textured textile elements.

To create such an atmosphere in a city house, that its general architecture does not help, simply rely on the secondary elements of the Rustic style.

Use winter fabrics, subtle check patterns, decorative throw pillows, woven – traditional or sisal rugs, and aged-looking pieces of furniture, arrange the living room in such an orientation that your garden or balcony is visible and add small – auxiliary furniture and objects thereof of the style, eg wicker baskets, wooden tables, wooden decorations, linen fabrics, etc. combined with classic line sofas – armchairs in simple forms.

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In terms of color, the combinations of earthy and neutral shades create the most elegant effect, with beige-brown being more appropriate in combination with green, yellow, orange, and also gray as well as pale tones or black details, for a more “modern” and “light” look. in relation to the traditional farmhouse Rustic style.


















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