Easy ways to make awesome boho chic terraces


Easy ways to make awesome boho chic terraces

Tips for decorating Boho Chic terraces

The Boho Chic style is defined by being a freestyle. It is a style with certain hippie tints that do not understand much of norms. A harmonious mix of other styles such as ethnic or even kitch. It is there that we find the charm of the Boho Chic, which can be extended to any corner of a house, also to a terrace. In today’s article, we will teach you some ideas for Boho Chic terraces, which you will surely love.

We have seen this decorative style applied to interiors, but this time it is the exterior. Here are some tips for decorating Boho Chic terraces.

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Blend decorative styles

As we said before, one of the most important keys to decorating Boho Chic is the mix of styles. Bohemian decorations have hippie tones, yes, but it also takes details of the ethnic style or even certain brushstrokes of what they call kitsch style. This is because al Boho likes to mix all kinds of cultures and styles, something that shares with the ethnic decoration, which strives to expose materials, prints, and memories of distant travel. Do not be afraid to include a Persian carpet, a Moroccan pouf, Indian fabrics, and prints or even Turkish style lanterns. Everything is welcome on the Boho Chic terraces.

A lot of color to the terraces Boho Chic

Another of the most characteristic features of Boho Chic is its taste for color. Yes, the colors in this style are always a good bet. They are the axis on which absolutely everything else revolves. The key is to mix all the colors we can with naturalness. There are no limits. Take advantage to generate a rainbow on your exterior, full of vibrant colors. It is true that the Boho feels a certain devotion for a palette of colors between browns and reds but also feels comfortable mixing them with greens, with yellows (more mustard than lemon yellow) or with blues and even roses.

The Importance of fabrics

The color is essential, but so is fabric mixing. Upholstery in every room Boho is another key that we can not pass up. That we abroad do not mean that we have to do without textiles. Cushions, rugs or even curtains are an excellent choice to place on Boho Chic terraces. Do not forget, too, that the more prints they contain, as well as more colors, will be much better.

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Boho Chic decking materials

As for materials, considering that it is a style between hippie or ethnic trends, it is not surprising that you feel much more comfortable with natural materials such as wood, wicker or rattan. It also includes certain doses of metal or crystal (very useful to provide color through the tinted crystals).

Plants for a terrace Boho Chic

As for plants, we must say that they are completely necessary; And is that the Boho Chic style also finds some charm in those tropical environments. No wonder, given his taste for global decor coming from different corners of the world. Opt, as far as possible, for exotic plants, but also for large cacti or even plants with delicate flowers that add even more color to the composition.

And now that you know a little more about the keys of the Boho Chic style, what do you think of the proposals? If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, perhaps this is the decorative style you were looking for.

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