20 decorative ideas for a rustic kitchen


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The rustic style is one of the trends that has more pull in decoration. It can not only be entered into country houses, since this type of current fits the spaces and places that we want. Many houses enjoy some rustic stay, although later, the rest of the rooms follow another type of style. This is the case of rustic kitchens.

Cool ideas for girly style in the kitchen


  • ┬áThe wood need not be solid or dark

  • Being rustic does not mean that we have to give up the comforts of today

  • Natural cladding is another of the most common trends in rustic environments

  • Elements reminiscent of country life in this kind of style

  • In the rustic style we can afford the luxury of leaving the pans and pots to the views

  • Put together very different characteristics in a single space

  • The fact of having an open and spacious space, has allowed to create a corner where you can sit and relax while enjoying unbeatable views to the outside

  • The central island is the most prominent piece in a virtually monochromatic kitchen

  • They used the same stone to cover the island and the rest of the countertop

  • Recycled wood has been the main tool to originate this rustic environment

As you have seen, not all rustic kitchens are the same. They all have some element that makes them unique. What ideas of this post would you use to decorate a rustic kitchen?

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