Home Decoration ideas A bit raw but too beautiful – the chic country kitchen decor to adopt

A bit raw but too beautiful – the chic country kitchen decor to adopt

by Eva

A bit raw but too beautiful – the chic country kitchen decor to adopt

Years ago, the trend was towards urbanization and even today, people continue to flock to the big cities, in search of a better life and opportunities. However, in recent times, one can clearly notice the appearance of the opposite phenomenon. Fascinated by country life, quite a few people decide to leave the city in favor of charming little villages, nestled in the greenery, because we believe that it is only in contact with nature and the simple life that our soul can find peace and flourish. It is also for this reason that we love the idea of having a chic country kitchen at home.

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Chic country kitchen in white and raw wood for a rustic look

Often confused with rustic, country style similarly sports a sometimes raw elegance, but does so in a much more subtle way. The choice of colors, the use of materials and materials, the furniture, even the smallest decorative details in the country kitchen are chosen with care. The ultimate goal – to create a warm and very friendly decor, imbued with this tranquility that urban life struggles to give us. To help you give your home a country look, we have prepared a short list containing the essentials of this decorative style.

Wood – the master of the chic country house

In the countryside, nature tends to enter homes as well. This phenomenon is most often reflected in the use of wood as the main material, characteristic of kitchens of this style. In parquet, paneling, worktops, furniture, exposed beams, wood always finds a way to make its way to the country kitchen, often taking on a rather raw appearance, because we prefer to keep the natural aspect of the wood rather than repainting it. In this case, techniques such as patina and white lead come to the rescue to further emphasize the natural beauty of the material. These two decorative approaches are carried out on the kitchen furniture as well as on the central island and the effect is more than impressive.

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Country kitchen layout – a decor dominated by wood

In terms of materials, there is also a craze for stone – another natural material that is not uncommon to see in wall and floor coverings. Sometimes also, the industrial brick wall is introduced to give rise to a decorative eclecticism. Otherwise, you can also choose floor tiles or cement tiles as a floor covering. These will also contribute to the raw look of your kitchen.

Mix of styles in a very welcoming country chic kitchen

Soft and natural shades

The choice of colors also incorporates this search for calm and authenticity. For this reason, we favor neutral tones as well as those found in nature. Whites and grays, for example, are found in abundance in the chic country kitchen. However, we could quite often see shades of blue and green on a section of wall, a credenza or on the kitchen furniture. The latter vary from lighter and more vibrant shades such as mint green, celadon and pastel blue, to duck, petrol, emerald shades, greens and blues of gray, which are currently very popular. For a touch of shabby chic softness, decorative accents in pastel tones are often added.

Furniture of yesteryear – a vintage replica

The country style is frequently associated with vintage, most often introduced by furniture. If you have then decided on a new piece of furniture in the kitchen, do not hesitate to search flea markets and garage sales. However, in case you want to keep the old furniture, you can consider using one of the two techniques mentioned above. Country-style furniture is most often made of solid wood, but you can also find metallic, rusty touches for more authenticity. Thus, we are again encroaching on the terrain of the industrial and the rustic. In case you are considering a kitchen makeover, we also advise you to change the knobs and cupboard handles with vintage models. This is a great kitchen renovation tip at a lower cost!

Open shelves, crockery on display

In our photo gallery, you will no doubt see the omnipresence of wall shelves. In wood or wood and metal, these wall storage units will save space, while displaying your prettiest pieces of traditional or vintage crockery. Added to this are all kinds of kitchen utensils, pots, casseroles, etc. which are likewise quite often exposed in full view.

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The choice of appliances

As far as household appliances are concerned, nothing prevents you from opting for new appliances, unless you keep the rest of the decor strictly country, or you can keep the rustic tone, by opting for household appliances at vintage look. The choice quite often stops on the stainless steel finish. The vintage fridge and the old-fashioned stove represented by the famous cooking piano, are the stars of country design.

Decorative accessories

Small touches of decoration could also contribute to the creation of a chic country atmosphere. Vintage crockery, wooden and copper utensils, rustic cutting boards, the little touches of green introduced by the plants… All these little elements will complete the country decor. You are free to abuse recycled decoration solutions. Old baskets and wooden crates will make wonderful storage. Fill a vintage vase with country flowers for a charming final touch and you have a quintessential country chic kitchen.































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