Home decorative styles 38 Vintage kitchen ideas that prove that modern isn’t always better

38 Vintage kitchen ideas that prove that modern isn’t always better

by Eva

38 Vintage kitchen ideas that prove that modern isn’t always better

The future is uncertain, but the past exudes a pleasant feeling of security and comfort. And when you think about the past, memories of cozy weekends with the whole family at the table suddenly appear. Do you miss the old days too? Then take a trip back in time with us by browsing through our vintage kitchen ideas. You may also find an idea that you can implement in your own four walls.

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The past is becoming more and more attractive

We live in the age of nostalgia. The whole world is currently on a retro wave: all-time favorites in the areas of cinema, music, fashion, the food industry and many more are being brought back to life and the success is enormous. The longing for the past is growing stronger and this is also reflected in other areas of our everyday life. So, of course, the interior is not left behind either.

Vintage style furnishings are more popular than ever today

In the home, elements from the past are on the rise. Design classics from the previous century, used-look furniture, bright colors, patterned wallpapers and carpets – the examples are as good as endless. The retro style is being implemented more and more often, especially in the kitchen. What actually unites all vintage-style kitchens and makes them so popular is the fact that they evoke a nostalgic feeling – a look back at simple times and happy childhood memories.

New is always better! Or not really?

High-gloss kitchen fronts, straight lines and monochrome colors speak for a modern kitchen. But the kitchen trends change every year and can quickly appear cold and impersonal. Now we want to convince you that modern is not always better. Take a look at our ideas for a vintage kitchen, which enchants with their character and nostalgic charm.

The vintage kitchen – a homage to the past

Whether you remember the old days with nostalgia or simply like the retro style especially: Dive into the past with us with the following ideas for vintage cuisine. In addition, you will also find tips on how to set up a characteristic kitchen in vintage style with nostalgic accents. For those who do not want to do without the modern furnishing style, we also show ideas how the popular retro flair can be integrated into modern kitchen furnishings.

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These elements add a retro flair to the kitchen

So what makes a vintage kitchen? Behind the nostalgic charm that it conveys, there are of course various elements such as furniture, colors and decoration that characterize the retro kitchen. These include patterned tiles for the floor and kitchen rear wall, bright colors for kitchen fronts or as accents, playful signs and unusual door handles. Retro kitchen appliances such as the classic refrigerator with rounded corners and the small kitchen appliances such as scales and mixers in pastel colors are another great addition to the kitchen design in a vintage look. In the following images you can take a closer look at all the essential components of a vintage kitchen.



































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