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Elegant wooden country kitchen – 36 ideas of natural charm without filters

by Eva

Elegant wooden country kitchen – 36 ideas of natural charm without filters

A wooden cottage or a farmhouse kitchen has something that can charm the city dweller. Decorative touches of the past, zen and natural atmosphere, escape from the subway, and daily work. It is specifically the grandmother’s kitchen that we remember with a great deal of nostalgia. Warm and very welcoming, the elegant wooden country kitchen excites us with its beauty. Then we give you tips and examples on how to decorate it.

An elegant coating of country wood kitchen

The first way to adopt this material is to coat the surfaces. That is, cover the walls, ceiling, or floor with wood. And while an overall look would result in a rather rustic decor, a single type of wood veneer would evoke the spirit of the countryside.

kitchen decor with the taste of Provence: inspired ideas that will amaze you

Country chic floor or parquet

In addition to floor tiles, slate, and stone, wood is a preferred flooring material. Whatever the species (pine, oak, exotic wood), leave it as authentic as possible. So without much work and scrubbing. For a warmer effect, exposed beams are a charming architectural element to sew and attach to the parquet.

Wooden roof

Even better would be wooden beams to be combined with a wooden frame. And so you will give your kitchen a stable character. This is especially possible when your cottage is housed in an old renovated barn. So in addition to the natural performance, he would also suggest a vintage note.

Wooden walls

One last option – coat the walls with wood. Teak, upholstery, boards – again the choice is yours. However, perhaps the most ecological and economical solution is to recycle old wooden boards. Insist on the authentic charm while doing good in nature.

Country style kitchen with wooden furniture

If you are thinking of renewing your old wooden kitchen in country style, then you have the opportunity. You do not need to change your furniture and start big jobs. Keep your old ornament and give it a simple look of the youthful or old look. How; Let’s see together.

If you have a real antique in your home, do not erase so many years of memories and history. Recycling, reuse, renewal, in order to emphasize the sometimes cosmopolitan value of the furniture. In trying to develop an authentic country kitchen, some people would not even hesitate to look in second-hand shops, second-hand shops, or their grandmother’s attic. Here are three ways to do it. Either we leave the furniture raw or we whip it or we use the patina. The second technique is to highlight the wear of the wood. Third, use the color in a way that makes the furniture older.

Special rustic furniture ideas for an absolutely gorgeous farmhouse kitchen

How to renew kitchen furniture?

Kitchen front, chest of drawers, the main island, or workbench, you can direct the renovation in the opposite direction. So choose to renew the furniture. In some cases, this means rubbing and then restoring the furniture. In others – paint or repaint them. The difference is related to the more or less authentic performance. A new layer of paint will completely transform the furniture. But is not there a danger that he will be deprived of his country charm? This will largely depend on the paint color chosen. Silent neutral colors have this old-school charm that will do the trick. The same goes for the soft pastel tones that would give a shabby chic character to the decoration.

The kitchen layout in wood and white/black/neutral

In terms of color composition, we prefer black, white, and neutral shades. Bright or fancy shades are discouraged. A black or white counter in a wooden kitchen unit would look very elegant. It is especially this timeless nature of the colors that are listed that makes you bow. The range of gray, beige, brown, and cream shades is another perfect choice. The only exception, we have already mentioned, are pastel shades. Dare them to furnish a vintage kitchen like in the 50s.

In the pictures below we have for you a collection of great inspirational ideas.

































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