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Isnpiring rustic terraces deco ideas

by Eva

Rustic terraces deco ideas

rustic terrace ideas

In this blog we allways love writing about decorating terraces and outdoor spaces. This time we will share some ideas for rustic terraces. This deco never goes out of style. The years pass and rustic and country style  is still present in the decoration magazines.

Every time we talk about rustic terraces with have in mind about two materials that always accompany this type of decoration, and we are talking about stone and wood. Although they are not the only ones, as we will see below, the plants and the textile can do much to make your terrace look cozy. For that, the rustic always transmits warmth, and that is what is achieved, generally, by setting any space with this decorative style.

Beach decoration gives your home a wonderful Summer Flair

Wooden terraces

What I said before, it is almost inevitable to think of wood when we talk about rustic decoration. The less treated the wood is, the more rustic our terrace will look. Although today, it must be said, the great brands of designer furniture have managed to put in the market what would be the modern rustic style, where we see a lot of wood, but treated, with much shine and more delicate finishes. Below you can see wooden terraces, one with wood rather natural, and the other a little more treated.

Rustic terraces with stone

And the other material that is excellence in this type of decoration is the stone, as we said before. We can not deny the charm of the stone, whether indoors or outdoors, looks great. The stone walls give a rustic Provencal touch that enamored, as you can see in the following pictures of terraces.

Rustic terraces with wooden pallets

And back to the wood, we can not forget wooden pallets. If you follow us a long time already and you must have realized that we love the furniture with pallets. In the case of terraces, it is very common to see them converted into seats, be benches or comfortable sofas, accompanied by some good cushions. In other cases we can also see them in the form of tables.

What did you think of these proposals to decorate terraces with rustic style? The good news is that this is one is the easiest decorative styles to get. We do not need much money to get rustic terraces.

rustic terrace1

rustic terrace2

rustic terrace3

rustic terrace4

rustic terrace5

rustic terrace6

rustic terrace7

rustic terrace8

rustic terrace9

rustic terrace10

rustic terrace11

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