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Beautiful inspiration for rustic kitchens

by Eva

Beautiful inspiration for rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens have a special charm, transmit warmth and tradition. Senses that are difficult to overcome compared to other more recent and modern proposals. They recreate the rural atmosphere of the countryside or townhouses that have a special relationship with nature and provide the “warmth of the house” we love so much. If you want your kitchen to breathe calm and relaxation, decorate it in a rustic style.

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Want to find out what the keys to achieving this particular atmosphere? Below we present a guide to have a rustic kitchen. This style is a return to the traditional, handmade materials, handmade pieces, and objects that give a natural and warm atmosphere.

Natural materials in rustic kitchens

Wood along with stone are the protagonists of decoration and architecture in the rustic kitchens. In them, you will see walls of stone, wood beams and sometimes terracotta floors …

These natural materials form the basis of this traditional style, but today new materials have been incorporated to help give a more modern and refreshed image to classic rustic spaces.

Micro-cement or polished cement, for example, can be an alternative to terracotta flooring. Polyurethane beams can perfectly simulate an old wooden roof.

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Modern rustic kitchens

We must get rid of the preliminary idea that rural kitchens are only suitable for country houses and rural environments. A kitchen with this style is ideal for a downtown home. The rustic style never escapes fashion because it accepts changes very well. The features of this style (brick, wood, stone …) with modern furnishings and finishes typical of today’s homes.

Traditional touches oppose the most modern equipment. As a result: functional rustic kitchens but without losing a little charm. A solid wooden wood bench is a fantastic choice to combine with the stainless steel appliances and the accessories that are in place and are in fashion today.
















Images via: texnotropies.info

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