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Kitchen in a studio: 40 ideas and golden rules for a successful design

by Eva

Kitchen in a studio: 40 ideas and golden rules for a successful design

When you live in a studio, you often have to look for space-saving tips and clever ideas to optimize your limited space. Thus, for example, the division of open space into separate zones is proving to be a popular move to make its interior more comfortable and functional. And what is one of the most important corners in a house? Yes exactly – the kitchen. Do you need a hand to easily achieve the layout and decoration of a kitchen in a studio? So, we invite you to review the basics and the most inspiring examples together to complete this mission successfully.

Speaking of studios, we know that it is a single-storey house, consisting of a single room and a bathroom. And even though living space is sometimes very limited, that does not mean we have to compromise on comfort and convenience. On the contrary, it is often enough to use your creativity to transform these few squares into a pleasant and chic shelter. For a start, of course, we need to focus on the focal points of a home like the cooking corner.

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What kind of layout should I make for a kitchen in a studio?

Whether you are facing the challenge of building / renovating a spacious or small kitchen, the first step in the project is to think about the layout that will best suit the space. In general, the studio kitchen is small in size. However, one can choose from a few different options depending on one’s preferences.

Small open kitchen

First, the kitchen area could be completely open to the rest of the house. It is a popular choice, great for achieving a cohesive decor while enjoying free movement and easier access to equipment. In addition, this type of layout is ideal for a limited space because it creates the impression of a friendlier, airier and brighter atmosphere.

Design of a small corner kitchen

Choosing a corner kitchen layout is a second very suitable proposal to optimize the space in your home. It’s a smart approach that gives you an extra work surface even for a quick meal. Another advantage: in an L-shaped kitchen, you can easily take advantage of the activity triangle.

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Studio kitchen layout with bar island

If you are one of those people who appreciate the comfort and the feeling of a certain intimacy that the walls or the interior partitions leave inside us, then here is another alternative for you – the installation of a small island in your gastronomic corner. It is not only a tempting variant of space demarcation but also a fantastic idea to bring charm to the space.

How to make a small kitchen visually bigger?

There are many tricks that help us in the mission to visually enlarge a small kitchen. The following is a brief overview of the most commonly used methods:

  • Prefer light shades as well as earthy and natural tones. White is the perfect choice, but you can give energy to the space by also incorporating some sunny touches in modern colors such as yellow or green.
  • Add elements that reflect light and give the feeling of an infinite space, such as a mirror, transparent plastic bar chair, hanging glass lamps, tiles or glossy floors, stainless steel appliances, etc.
  • Choose an open storage space – another secret to make your kitchenette look more airy.
  • Adopt a minimalist decor so as not to end up in a messy space that is not only unpleasant to the eyes but can also cause stress.

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What are the options for demarcating the small open kitchen in your studio?

If you are looking for ways to delimit the gastronomic space in your studio, you do not need to be limited to installing an island. In fact, there are several ways to enjoy a good performance. To get started, you can simply use different colors or materials as optical dividers. For example, in a white studio, nothing could be easier than choosing an industrial or modern kitchen to create a relaxed and elegant contrast. Another option is to choose a movable partition or use a piece of furniture as a kind of partition wall – for example your sofa. Laying a rug in the living room is another cool idea to separate the lounge area from the cooking area.




































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