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40+ wonderful vintage-style decorations for inspiration

by Eva

40+ wonderful vintage-style decorations for inspiration

Once upon a time…

The exact definition of vintage concerns the decoration with objects made in earlier times and specifically in the decades 1930-1950.
In its practical application, mainly due to the cost of similar items when it comes to authentic antiques, it is mainly based on family “heirlooms” that each house has such as porcelain and glass objects, silverware, old sewing machines, suitcases, wall clocks, black and white photos, semen and lace, collections of old objects, etc. or new but old-fashioned objects processed by aging techniques.

20 Ideas for a unique vintage DIY decor

The combinations of these elements, their number in space but also the style-type and the other basic elements, such as furniture, determine the degree of vintage that can be included in spaces decorated in generally classic styles, while the corresponding “ vintage “version of the modern style is the retro style, also based on objects and elements of old but more modern times and specifically on the decorative trends and choices of the decades 1950-1970.

Aging techniques, as well as decoupage to some extent, are simple ways to give some modern items an old look, while a prominent place in such a style of the decoration will find all sorts of really old pieces that you will retrieve from your … grandmother’s chests or of mom from lace, crockery, decorative items, glassware, mirrors, silver to fabrics, and old furniture.

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It is a style applicable not only in the living room, dining room or bedroom but also in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., it is generally the decorative “imitation” of seasons before our houses are flooded with built-in kitchens, especially bathroom cabinets, etc. and a style which can be wonderfully created even with the use of exclusively DIY creations in both furniture and individual items as well as the use of artificially aged furniture-objects in such a “seasonal” style and that are starting to become very popular in the market, as long as it is for cheap pieces that you will now find even in-home appliance stores, avoid the roughly … kitsch or very industrialized versions.














































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