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Shabby Chic: 50+ ideas to see the features and how to decorate with style

by Eva

Shabby Chic: see the features and how to decorate with style

You need to get to know Shabby Chic. This romantic and original way of composing the decoration itself was born in England in the 1970s. The term, which in Portuguese means something like “shabby chic”, refers to the mixture of classic and sophisticated pieces attached to materials old and worn out.

Shabby Chic furniture create a romantic home furnishing

The style reached its apex in the ’90s in the United States, then ended up getting a bit sideways. But like everything that goes back and forth, the style has made a success and, nowadays, is one of the most sought after by those who want a decoration full of charm.

But, after all, how to recognize Shabby Chic and how to insert it into the decoration? The answer you find here. 

What are the characteristics of Shabby Chic?

The main characteristics of the Shabby Chic style are the delicacy and the romanticism. This proposal of decoration is charming and brings that vintage touch all cozy and calm for the environment.

However, by proposing a mix between sophisticated pieces and simple, time-stamped pieces, Shabby Chic sets a striking and personality-delectable décor, so you have to pay attention to some basic details and characteristics of this style so you do not make a mistake. Check each one:

Light colors and pastels

The soft colors are the great differential of the Shabby Chic style. In this type of decoration the white predominates in the base and the shades of pink, blue, lilac and yellow begin coloring furniture, curtains, rugs, cushions and small decorative objects. But remember: at Shabby Chic the preference is always for pastels or candy colors.

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Use of metal, iron, and wood

In Shabby Chic the use of wood, metal, and iron are more than liberated. Bet on the combination of these different materials and the more worn they are, the better.

The rustic patina charm

They have not yet invented anything more Shabby Chic than the patina. The technique used to make furniture look worn is all about style. So do not leave it out. You can remodel a piece of furniture using the patina – the internet is full of tutorials teaching how to do it – or, if you prefer, you can buy one ready.

The time of the prints

The prints come into the Shabby Chic to reinforce the romantic and vintage style feature. The most used are floral and chess. It is even possible to mix the two prints, just to keep the color harmony between them.

Tables and mirrors

Frames and mirrors cannot be lacking in the Shabby Chic decor, especially if they are with the worn frame or, perhaps, patinated. The round mirror models bring an even more romantic air to the decor.

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The flowers, classic symbol of the romanticism and the delicacy, could not miss in the style of Shabby Chic. Spread them around the house in classic pots or in personalized containers such as teapots, cups, cans, and bottles.

Style Merger

Mixing different styles in the same décor is what makes Shabby Chic so special. The most common, as mentioned before, is to mix classic elements with rustic pieces, but it is also possible to add a bit of modernity to the decor, using, for example, glass, crystal, and stainless steel elements.

Where to use Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic fits in any environment of the house, but the favorite places for style are the kitchen and living room, but nothing prevents you from adding the Shabby Chic features in your bedroom, bathroom and wherever you find it to be of interest. Take just a bit of care to keep your house from drooling too much, since the style has enough strength to overdo it if it is used disproportionately.






















































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