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Windmill of 1830 in Koufonisia, Greece converted into one of the smallest hotels in Europe

by Eva

It is a listed windmill that has been renovated to offer unforgettable hospitality beyond the ordinary.

The mill is located at Potamia on the southwestern side of Koufonisi and belongs to the usual type of traditional windmill that is found in the Cyclades. According to the evidence and testimonies, it was built around 1830, when the island was inhabited by Amorgos residents.

The mill is built on the rocks of the coast, next to the shipyard, about 30 meters from the sea and has been classified as the newest monument of the pre-industrial period by the Ministry of Culture.

The reconstruction was done with great care in the past and its authentic architecture.

Beginning in September 2000, the works of repair, reinforcement, and rehabilitation of the mill began to eliminate the risk and immediate rescue of the wooden device, in accordance with the approved building permit and mill approvals. Work was completed in May 2005. The result is impressive.

It consists of two floors connected by an internal staircase… Unforgettable the view that offers to Naxos, Koufonissi, Glaronissi, Keros and in the background Amorgos.

In the paved courtyard, you enjoy unforgettable hours and unforgettable sunsets.

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