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This tiny cafe travels you back to another more romantic era

by Eva
A vintage touch at a distance from the Acropolis Athens is the reason to get into the metro and take your stroll in Koukaki and drink a cup of hot coffee in a cafe –bistrot that travels you.

Gentle pastel colors starring pistachios hue, fresh flowers that bloom, cinnamon pajamas, floral curtains, Charleston candy, vintage suitcases and other items, porcelain veneer compose the magical scenery and create a fairy-tale microcosm that could be the home of an artist from some other romantic era.

Lotte can not stop to look at it as you pass by and listen to the music of Manos Hadjidakis or even classical music or jazz.

Though miniature, it is a doll. It was named after Goethe’s erotic story, “The Passion of the Young Verherous,” and his creator is the actress Theodora Athanasopoulou, who decided to redefine the atelier space that existed before and to make reality what he had in Her mind: a nice bistort where no one can enjoy his coffee, just like herself.

Its decoration is influenced by French culture but also has some German references, while at the same time it brings to mind the old café.

You can visit it daily from morning till night and enjoy coffee, tea and chocolate in hearty mugs, home-made sweets every day, such as lemon cake, orange cake, handmade day pies or tarts, wine and hot cocktails in a highly favored , a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to come alone without feeling strange and uncomfortable, since here you can come to write, inspire, create and talk about the arts together with people in this place.

In fact, the owner’s plans are to make the basement of the shop, which σhe wants to use for small theatrical performances, art exhibitions, bazaar, book presentations and more, while in the cafeteria there are handmade jewels.

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