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The gorgeous Greek island that considered as one of the most colorful parts of Europe

by Eva

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Anyone visiting will immediately understand why the “Big Blue” was filmed there.

The easternmost island of the Cyclades, is 136 nautical miles from Piraeus and along the coasts reaches 112 km. On the one hand the wild charm of the mountains, and from the other the green valleys compose an incredible beauty .

A beauty made even more thanks to the colorful windows and doors of houses with flowers in pots create a unique setting.

A painting that is impossible to measure the nuances.

So it is no coincidence that Amorgos always finds a place among the known travel magazine lists the most colorful parts of Europe.

Tradition has it that the island owes its name to the rare therapeutic herb linokalami, which grows on the slopes of the mountains of the island.

The small whitewashed alleys, the festooned with flowering bougainvillea traditional Cycladic architecture houses, cafes and the shaded squares invite the visitor to leave the magic.

Amorgos is an island with wild beauty, unpretentious, generous, who experience it with all your senses.

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Source: www.dinfo.gr

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