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The Amazing Greece-Kastelorizo island

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Kastelorizo, the most remote Greek island, located  just 2 miles away from the Turkish coast . The official name is Megisti (maximum) because it is the largest island in a  cluster of fourteen small islands.
Kastelorizo, a beautiful and picturesque place, offers visitors unique moments as even though tourism has started developing the last few years , visitors are still not many. Among them there are some very special, such as seals Monachus monachus.
Kastelorizo is the port and the island’s only settlement . It is said to be the best natural harbor in the Mediterranean. The traditional houses unfold along the shoreline in front of an imposing red rock. The now ruined castle at the top is the one that gave the name to the island (Castello Rosso Kastelorizo). Next to the ruins is a steam room and a restored windmill, and the Doric columns below reveal the location of a highly conserved Grave.
Inside the village there are the churches of St. Nicholas and St. Demetrius, the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen with gothic elements as well as a mosque.
On the west side of Kastelorizo ​​you can find  the most important monument, Palaiokastro. It is an ancient village with many buildings and tanks. In the Dorian acropol of the 3rd century BC  a sign containing the word Megisti is saved. In the region, in Limenari, there are the Cyclopean Walls.
In the southern part of the island you can see the Blue Cave, which is also called Cave or Parastas Fokiali. The cave is famous for its stalactites and the wonderful colors. You can go  to the  Blue Cave by boat. Kastelorizo is an amazing Greek island to visit for sure…..



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