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Velvet in decoration: the most desired fabric in 2021

by Eva

Velvet in decoration: the most desired fabric in 2021

Velvet is the synonym of softness par excellence. Its silky touch is so pleasant that having it in your house will seduce you, both you and the possible visitors. Without a doubt, it is such a delicate and pleasant option that it is ideal. In addition, in 2021 velvet and decoration will be more united than ever. His jump from the catwalks to the home took place last year, and the acceptance of this trend has been so hot that he will stay in our homes for a few more months.

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The velvet sofas will be the decorative jewel of 2021. Their presence in the living room will give the atmosphere a warm and stylish touch. In addition, your soft touch will enchant you
This light blue velvet sofa has a classic cut that makes it a timeless decorative piece. Do not be afraid to be seduced by the soft hug of this upholstery. As you can see, in modern environments full of objects is a haven of peace.

On this occasion, the velvet sofa has been chosen in dark ocher. When placed in the center of a room where minimalism and the empire of total white prevail, it stands out much more. Take note of the wall moldings, another of the ‘must’ of 2020.

If velvet is the fabric of opulence, this curved design has been given another twist. This sinuous shape gives the atmosphere a luxurious hue. The dynamism of this structure breaks the conventions because it bets on aesthetic rebellion.

If at the time of joining velvet and decoration you do not dare with pieces of furniture that are too large, a good idea is to opt for velvet armchairs, chairs or cushions
This velvet armchair is perfect for a reading corner. Enjoy your favorite book sitting in comfortable furniture that does not go out of style. The combination of emerald velvet and dark wood evokes nature.

Let the velvet travel from the living room to the dining room through upholstered chairs. The ones in the picture are comfortable to sit and enjoy the best food beyond the desktop. In addition, they are upholstered in classic blue, the color of the year.

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You may not want to take so much risk and prefer to introduce velvet in a more discreet way. In that case, velvet cushions will be your best allies. They are complements that always look good and you’ll find available in many shades.

Velvet not only looks good in the living room. It is also one of the favorite fabrics in the bedroom. Whether in the headboard, on the quilt or in curtains, its warmth will pamper your dreams
The velvet headboards lived their particular time of splendor in past decades. They were abandoned under more hygienic proposals. Currently, her beauty has been imposed again. With some care, they are a viable alternative.

A velvet quilt is the best for a restful sleep. Any velvet blanket on the bed will substantially improve your rest. Its short, silky and exquisite hair will give you warmth in the colder months and will bring elegance to your room.

Another traditional friend of this refined fabric is the curtains, in which it looks with all its magic. Velvet curtains, in addition to looking great, will prevent the cold from entering thanks to its insulating capacity. In addition, its degree of opacity is very high.


















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