Home Decoration ideas Deco trend: small knit puff furniture as home decoration

Deco trend: small knit puff furniture as home decoration

by Eva

Deco trend: small knit puff furniture as home decoration

The latest subject of my enthusiasm for home decor is knit puff. I’m not alone in this, home improvement blogs, design magazines line up beautiful pieces with different and mostly multi-function features. Among them is the knit version, which can be associated with almost any style, be it modern, eclectic, industrial, shabby chic, rustic or Scandinavian.
Puff can be used in countless ways, you can sit on it, stand on it, make a great footrest, and it is very comfortable to lean on it, for example. when we sit on the ground.

Knitted Decor: Unbelievable DIY decorations you can make from yarn leftovers

You can use it as a coffee table instead of a coffee table, cocktail table, and the beautifully arranged decorative objects really look good on it.

From a home design point of view, this simple shape, depending on the color you choose, stays in or out of the space to complete the harmony as an exciting, practical design element.

It can create a balance between furniture and can be an excellent or repetitive design element for optically filling empty space, as its color, surface, size and shape leave room for experimentation.

You can select puff room portions by defining the boundaries of each area, giving the room depth without filling the space, making it an ideal choice for small apartments.

Puffs can be used in any room of the apartment, but the living room, bedroom and children’s room are the ones that work best and where we get the most benefit.

DIY Knitted decor ideas – an original addition for a stylish and warm interior

Puff is always a very impressive piece and the knit, textured version gives our home a trendy, youthful, vibrant look.
As a beautiful home decor accessory with a knit, exciting texture, it will not only be a spectacular spot for your home, but also a useful, beloved piece of furniture due to its practical features.




















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