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Ideas to organize your living room without focus point is on the TV

by Eva

Ideas to organize your living room without focus point is on the TV

In the modern era, there is a tendency to organize living rooms with one thing in mind: to see everyone – wherever they sit – on television.

Television, however, lacks something very important that most people have had in the past: the discussion. So we’ll give you ideas on how to set up a living room without a TV so you can relax and chat away from the noise of technology.

Decorate your living room with the most wonderful ideas for cocooning hygge styling

A corner sofa with a coffee table to suit its size is a great idea to organize your living room. Put a rug or carpet to give warmth to space and decorate the coffee table with candles that will add to the soft lighting and give an extra touch of relaxation.

Arrange your living room in front of the fireplace with a sofa, a coffee table, armchairs, and pillows. The textures of carpet and other fabrics will give you the style and comfort you need to talk with loved ones around the fire.

cosy living room ideas

If your living room is large, delimit it by placing a carpet. A round table in the center is enough to guide you and place a corner sofa and some chairs around it. In this living room, the color gives the character and lighting installation elegance and style.

The living room in the photo below is bright and at the same time very warm. In the center, there is not a single coffee table, but two smaller ones, which together with a basket make a very beautiful composition. The furry sofa, armchair, and couch create a beautiful environment, perfect for relaxing with friends and having your favorite conversations.

Another beautiful living room. White prevails on the walls, but the fireplace and the wooden coffee table give an earthy and welcoming feel to space. The white, comfortable armchairs and the sofa are all positioned around the chest, creating a living room that is ideal for human contact without the noise of the TV.

The living room in the photo below, instead of the television, is centered on a window around which there is a large blue library that blends harmoniously with the blue carpet. A square coffee table is located in the center, surrounded by a sofa, armchairs and small stools. The space under the window is not left unused, as there is also a small sofa for those who prefer to “travel” in the … nature!


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