Home Garden Best tips and ideas for small gardens you need to know

Best tips and ideas for small gardens you need to know

by Eva

Best tips and ideas for small gardens you need to know

If you have a small garden in your house, you can decorate it and plant different species, as long as you take into account the size of it. In addition, you must pay special attention to this area, since, being of small dimensions, everything will be seen more and the errors will not be easy to hide. To make it perfect, we give you a series of tips that will help you create it without problems.

66 Inspired small gardens for houses and apartments

Keys to decorate a small garden

Everything must go to scale. Being a small space, the ornamental plants and objects you place should also be of reduced size.
If you have a few square meters, suppress roads and trails. These can subtract space and make your garden seem more often than it is.

If you decide to incorporate a path, make it increasingly narrow to give a sense of depth.
To make the garden seem longer, it should be wider at the beginning and longer at the end.

In order for a narrow space to appear wider, you must incorporate horizontal lines.
Try to mix the garden with the adjacent landscape, so you will give a sense of continuity.

Avoid rectilinear and very dense hedges at all costs. Bet on vertical plants on the walls or in dividers.
Create different levels within the garden. This will visually deceive and look like a bigger space.

It incorporates sinuous forms that are responsible for multiplying the feeling of spaciousness.
Place a surprise in every corner of the garden. Thus, you will create areas of interest throughout the area and it will appear larger.

In addition to these tips, it is important that before undertaking the task of building and decorating your small garden, think about what you are going to do on paper. Make a list of species you want to incorporate, ornamental elements, as well as furniture if any. It is essential that you know how you are going to distribute each area and what you want to put in it.



















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