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Retro Tile: 36 Ideas to Transform Your Decoration

by Eva

Retro Tile: 36 Ideas to Transform Your Decoration

In the history of design, each decade stands out for its striking feature. Between the ’40s and ’50s, the hydraulic coating became a “fever” in the projects of the time. In the 70s, vibrant colors and a mix of prints won the hearts of architects. That is why if you dream of having an environment full of colors and prints, we recommend the use of retro tiles.

The retro tile can be used in any room in the house, such as the kitchen, gourmet area, bathroom and even to transform a dining table, did you know that? It is a resistant material and easy to clean, so your only concern is to harmonize the colors of the covering with the rest of the decoration.

If you are thinking of including retro kitchen tiles in your project, be sure to check out our tips on how to choose the perfect model and be inspired by amazing environments.

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Types of retro tile

As the retro tile is inspired by different decades, there is no lack of variety of models. Currently, you can find in several stores from the most different tiles, with mixed colors and prints, to the most classic ones, such as the white retro tile. You can choose according to your style.


As we have already explained, the retro hydraulic tile dominated the projects between the 40s and 50s. They are materials made by hand and have a slightly faded aspect, which makes vintage decoration even more charming!

If you are looking for a retro kitchen tile, this is the right model. Available in several colors, including black and white (for those who prefer modern designs), one of the best places to install it in the wall of the sink, matching the color of the kitchen cabinet.

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Have you ever heard of the patchwork craft technique? It consists of taking scraps of different colors and patterns to form pieces such as blankets. With the retro tile, it is also possible to do this effect to achieve a creative and colorful environment.

Choose highlighted walls to use this type of flooring, such as the kitchen sink with retro tile, the countertop, or the bathroom stall.

Some stores sell this model ready to make this combination. But you can also buy several different tiles to install in your project and make a different composition.

Where to use the retro tile

Do you want to know where it is best to install the retro tile in your project? Then check out our tips

Kitchen with retro tile

The kitchen with retro tile is one of the places that you can use the flooring the most. In this case, you have two options: cover all walls with the retro kitchen tile, or choose special corners of the place to highlight. Another idea is to place the retro kitchen tile in only half of the room to further highlight the details in the decor.

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Retro tile gourmet area

The retro tile gourmet area can be used on the sink countertop or throughout the environment, as a way to separate it from another location. As it is an outdoor area, use colors and colorful prints to brighten the place when buying the perfect retro tile gourmet area. I guarantee that your decor will be amazing.

Retro bathroom tile

The bathroom is also a great place to use retro tiles. Use vibrant colors on the box wall or in combination with the cabinet.

Transform your table with retro tile

Want to save money on the purchase of the dining table? Then the retro tiled table can be the ideal alternative for you to spend little and still have a wonderful table to receive special guests. The easiest way to make a table with retro tile is to install the tile across the tabletop. It is mega different. But if you don’t want to use the tile, you can also transform your table with retro tile using colorful stickers that mimic the material. It is also very easy to do.

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