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23+ Tips to Making Your House Smell Good

by Eva

You already know that the colors and décor of your space have an impact on your mood, but did you know that smells matter too? Indeed, studies show that scents can elicit positive responses and alter your mood. Certain odors can make you feel relaxed, energized and even self-confident, which is why they’re such an important part of our home décor strategy. But making your house consistently smell amazing can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have pets or do a lot of cooking. Here is the ultimate guide to making your house smell incredible all the time.

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Clean, Clean, Clean

We love amazing smelling candles and room sprays as much as you do, but a real odor-busting strategy should start with a deep clean. Make sure to bust out the vacuum and mop before you start peppering candles and sprays around your space.

  • If you have pets, make sure to vacuum at least twice a week to eliminate any pet odors that could be lingering in your home. Have your pet groomed regularly.
  • Routinely purge your fridge and get rid of produce that’s past its prime. Check all jarred goods, deli meats and dairy for freshness. Get into a routine of doing this the same time each week (say, right before you restock new groceries).
  • Don’t forget to clean the dishwasher and washing machine on occasion! They tend to harbor moisture, which can cause the house to smell mildewy.
  • Never leave dirty dishes around the house. Always take them directly to the sink or the dishwasher. Old food can attract bugs and cause the growth of smelly mold.
  • Occasionally steam clean carpet, rugs, upholstery and curtains to eliminate old airborne smells. Consider hiring a professional service once or twice a year.
  • Use fabric softener or laundry additives that make your clothes smell great. Just make sure to read the care tag on your clothes to make sure it’s safe.
  • Don’t leave big piles of dirty clothes for too long. Get on a regular laundry schedule to ensure that your clothes don’t stink up the house.
  • Immediately toss gym clothes or dirty clothes in the washer or keep them in a separate area (such as the basement or laundry room) until laundry day.
  • Regularly wipe down countertops, tabletops and other surfaces with nice-smelling all-purpose cleaner.

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Good Smells Everywhere

After you’ve given your house a floor-to-ceiling deep clean, it’s time for the fun part — stocking up on the good-smelling stuff! You not only want to eliminate bad odors but also introduce good ones that will hopefully linger for the long-term. Here’s the best way to do it.

  • Always use all-natural soy or coconut wax candles. These are a cleaner and more eco-friendly alternative to paraffin, which is made from petroleum or oil.
  • Make sure you use the right size candles for the right size space. Larger candles (12 ounces or more) are great for big, open spaces such as the living room or kitchen. Smaller candles are ideal for placing in the bathroom or hallway.
  • Swap out your candles for the season. As much as we love evergreens and pumpkin pie, there’s more to the story than just cozy holiday candles. Light a Taurus candle in the spring and a Gemini candle in the summer to honor the smells of the zodiac!
  • Keep a stash of candles for gifts so you always have a last-minute present idea. Even unlit candles will make closets and storage areas smell amazing.
  • Place cedar balls or scented pouches in drawers, linen closets, buffets, etc. so that your clothes, blankets, bedding, towels, tablecloths and more smell fresh.
  • Place fresh herbs or flowers on the windowsill or near windows in the house.
  • Make sure all bathrooms have candles and room sprays for your family and guests to use.

Odor-Eliminating Tips

If you’ve cleaned and lit candles in every room and your home still doesn’t smell top-notch, make sure you’re adhering to the following tips to ensure that you’re not introducing unpleasant odors into your home unknowingly.

  • Avoid putting food waste in the garbage unless you plan to empty it immediately. Always use the garbage disposal or take it out right away. Consider using scented trash bags to make the garbage smell a bit fresher.
  • Keep produce in the fridge to ripen. If you want it to ripen faster, put it on the counter for a day or two. Any longer than that and it will begin to decompose, attracting bugs and emitting a gross odor.
  • Always use the hood vent or open windows while cooking with an open flame or when cooking with anything that has a pungent odor. This will prevent smells from “sticking” to upholstery or carpeting.
  • Never leave standing water in the bathroom, basement or garage. It will only lead to the growth of mold and mildew and make your space smell fetid.
  • Always keep a window open or a fan running when working with paint, building materials or chemicals that leave a stubborn odor in the air.
  • Open the windows for a day or two to air out your home every few months.
  • Keep live plants throughout the house. Certain plant varieties can help absorb unpleasant odors throughout your space, making it smell fresher.

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As you can see, achieving a wonderful-smelling environment is all about eliminating the bad and adding in the good. With the help of a deep clean, some delightful candles, and a few key tips that prevent odors from accumulating, walking into your house will feel like you’re walking through a royal garden in the springtime!

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