Home Bathroom The zen and natural bathroom model that wants us well in more than 50 photos

The zen and natural bathroom model that wants us well in more than 50 photos

by Eva

The zen and natural bathroom model that wants us well in more than 50 photos

No need to go to the spa to treat yourself to a few moments of relaxation when you have a bathroom with a zen and natural atmosphere. Stress being an omnipresent element in our daily lives, having a relaxing piece of water where we can prepare for the day in complete serenity and enjoy real moments of calm can help us find inner peace. The bathroom is no longer content with being functional, it already wants to be more and more pleasant, a real relaxation area. To help you bring your design dreams to life, let’s see together how to transform the bathroom into a real wellness space in more than 50 ideas. You will certainly find the zen and natural bathroom model that reflects the dreamed decorative atmosphere.

How to arrange a zen and natural bathroom?

Natural materials The Zen bathroom model is distinguished by the clean lines of its furniture, the harmonious combination of natural materials and the predominance of soft tones. Wood and stone are very present there. Together, these elements create a relaxing ambiance conducive to relaxation. Furniture and wooden elements in combination with neutral or mineral colors bring a nice natural touch.

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Avoid clutter

We try to limit the clutter as much as possible by opting for light, minimalist and modern furniture. In the best-case scenario, the bathroom will have large glass windows that will overlook the oasis of a garden. Favor, if possible, a fairly open and clear plan without overloading the space.

Light colors

With the same objective, the use of light tones can also amplify the feeling of space – think of the white bathrooms in a clean Scandinavian style, warmed up by a few accents.

The bohemian chic trend in the bohemian bathroom
Natural fiber accessories

Are you looking for a style that is always warm and inviting but also a little more colorful in contrast to the refined atmosphere of the Japanese-inspired bathroom? Take inspiration from the bohemian and exotic bathroom model which is one of the major trends of the moment. Accessories can also set the tone for a natural bathroom. Thus, the classic laundry bag is replaced by baskets made of natural fibers. Moreover, by opting for these ethnic chic accessories, the bathroom takes us on a journey to distant lands.

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Green plants are also a decorative element in the bathroom. The decorative trend with botanical accents is not long in manifesting itself in the wet room. Green plants are a great idea to bring a natural touch to the bathroom while introducing a little color. We also do not hesitate to multiply plant pots, natural fiber planters. They will certainly give a touch of freshness to the damp room. Consult our article dedicated to green plants to adopt in the bathroom. In a small bathroom, you can opt for a few hanging plants or bet on a tropical wallpaper accent.

How to transform the bathroom into a real spa?

Sometimes it just takes a little to give your bathroom a spa vibe. We, therefore, think of bathroom accessories that will give character and warmth to the space.


In a spa bathroom, the bathtub is no longer a simple sanitary appliance. Now dedicated to well-being, it offers pure moments of relaxation. A bath bridge allows you to keep everything you need close at hand but also to create a relaxation area where it is good to spend hours. It is adorned with candles and other small relaxing decorations, the bathtub ensures some precious moments for oneself.

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The quick morning shower turns into a spa experience thanks to its open design. The shower area opens onto the rest of the bathroom, delimited by a discreet glass wall or an industrial-style canopy.













































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